"I want people to see that I am confident, fat and happy In the skin I’m in and so should they… no one fits a cookie cutter mold of beauty.. and no one should be expected to only find that mold attractive or sexy!"


Birthday: April 20, 1983
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Height: 5'2"
Weight & Measurements: MEMBERS ONLY
Favorite Foods: Asian, Mexican, Italian, soul food, SWEETS, meat lol
Favorite Musicians: Tool, Junior Wells, Baroness, The Weekend, Journey, Queen, George Jones, Muddy Waters, Die Antwoord , Black Keys, The Raconteurs
My Hobbies: GAMING, reading, cooking, music, movies, drawing, painting, sculpting
Turn-ons: Confidence, a nice smile, BEARD, dominance and also some submissiveness, the ability to give a good massage!
Turn-offs: Rudeness to anyone, confidence is great but arrogance, Disrespect
Sexual Orientation: Pans
Between the Sheets, I Like: Contrast! I love being so much larger than someone. Piggy play! I love to be stuffed so full I can’t move then taken to pound town! I am a switch so I love to drop my belly on and squash, just the feel of my belly slapping against another body or just having my weight on another person and them having to take it is sooo hot! I also like to get stuck places and OOOPS I can’t get away SO you if do naughty things to me and I can’t stop you!! I love to be restrained and force fed like the piggy slut I am!
Biggest Fantasy: I would love to be have my arms tied up or cuffed and then stuffed so full of goodies that I can’t move, then have them eat my pussy and fuck me until I can’t take it anymore… but make me take it.

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